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Unique Beer Tower & Beer Tap Design

Change the way you, your servers, and your guests look at bar service when you invest in the Hydratapper. Invented in Champaign, Illinois, my custom, circular tower will catch your guests' attention as well as encourage conversation between users and bar patrons.

Signature Look

Sporting a sleek, industrial design, the Hydratapper allows several servers to pull beer at the same time while never breaking conversation with your guests. The tower works as a unique, proprietary design that enhances point of sale, sight lines, and increases profits. This beverage island can make service faster, more convenient, and less disruptive for your bar or restaurant.

Convenient Design
From small, urban bars to large, family restaurants, my tower works in any size space. The round, innovative design is a self-contained, drop-in-place unit.
Fully Customizable
Conveniently serve your guests from up to 50 separate taps. The Hydratapper is available in a 36" and 54" circumference. The 36" design holds up to 27 taps and is ideal for smaller, space-savvy locations. The 54" design holds up to 50 taps, helping those busy nights at the bar go smoothly. The tap is also readily expandable. The design allows for an unlimited number of taps, based on your specific needs. Like other tower systems, the taps on the Hydratapper are hooked directly to lines from the kegs.

Contact us to conserve space while making your bar more efficient with the Hydratapper.